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DAWIT MENELIK TAFARI / HUGHIE IZACHAAR – Ghetto Life / Starship And Rockets / Peace And Love (12″)


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NEXT UP on the Melody Muzik roster is this brilliant 12″ we have compiled of never-before released tunes highlighting producer Dawit Menelik Tafari as the singer in his own right. The set opens with the conscious and powerful ‘Ghetto Life’ sung by D.M Tafari which is followed by the ever creative ‘Starship And Rockets’ by established Melody Muzik singer Hughie Izaachar. Check the lyrics, spaceship soundsystems, total killer! Continuing forward is also ‘Peace And Love’ again by D.M. Tafari who effortlessly commands your attention with a performance that is nothing short of stunning. All recorded in 1988 and still sounding incredibly fresh and interesting to hear D.M. Tafari’s cruelly underrated production and passion for Reggae music clearly heard. These collection of songs were discovered in 2018 while unearthing the Melody Muzik master tapes, and we hope you enjoy them much as we did finding them. Finally showcasing these recordings with the respect they deserve.